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:alias freak:

Just a little fish in Alias ocean

14 April
Hi there! Yeah, i know it´s boring but i am here. My name´s Michelle and i was born many years ago. My mother thinks i am freak ´cause i love Alias. well, that´s true. Alias is my passion. But that´s not only thing what i love. I love writing, drawing and all this handwork. sounds crazy? it is. ahem...what can i say more? I am just a little crazy fish in a big ocean. I live in europe, that´s why my english sucks. but never mind, i can live with that and so you can.
I like to do computer drawing and doing wallpapers and icons (mostly alias related). My fav character in alias is Irina but i love Nadia so much too. About Sydney...i don´t know. I like her - she´s cute.
well, that´s all about me. I love you guys! Bye.